Emotional Wayfinding

A tool to help navigate stormy waters back to calm seas.

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What is this?

These recipes are meant to be a helpful reminder when things are a little extra. The goal is to experiment and find which steps work best for you in each case then add them to your own recipe.

How it came about

Howdy! Have you ever found yourself in a rough emotional state, but couldn't remember what to do to get out of it? Well, that's been me quite often. Trying to recall helpful tips in a heightened emotional state can be rough.

One day, I decided to jot down some helpful strategies on an index card which I kept in my notebook. Whenever I found myself in a tough spot, I would refer to this card and it always helped me to move through my emotions more gracefully.

As time passed, I began to differentiate between different emotional states and created variations of the original index card. These variations became my personal emotional recipes!

I'm thrilled to share this, a way to create digital emotional recipes. Feel free to come up with personalized cards or use the previously created cards to help you through any tough emotions you may face.